Sonography, also called ultrasound imaging or ultrasound scanning, uses high frequency sound waves to obtain a real time image of the inside of the body. The image shows the movement of blood and organs and the structure of internal tissues

Medical professionals use this technology to examine the inside of the body without using ionizing radiation. If a patient has pain, swelling, or infection, a healthcare provider will commonly conduct an ultrasound to make a diagnosis. A sonogram is useful for looking at the heart, blood vessels, unborn fetuses in pregnant patients,ovaries, thyroid glands, kidneys, and other organs.

List of Ultrasound performed at Noble Diagnostic Centre:

  • Fetal Bio Physical Study
  • Follicular Study
  • Ultrasound Breast
  • Ultrasound Chest
  • Ultrasound Eye
  • Ultrasound Guided FNAC
  • Ultrasound Hip Joint
  • Ultrasound KUB with Prostate
  • Ultrasound Lower Abdomen
  • Ultrasound Level II (Single)
  • Ultrasound Level II (Twins)
  • Ultrasound Residual Volume
  • Ultrasound Scrotum
  • Ultrasound Skull
  • Ultrasound Soft Part
  • Ultrasound Thyroid
  • Ultrasound Transvaginal (TVS)
  • Ultrasound Upper Abdomen
  • Ultrasound Whole Abdomen
  • Ultrasound Whole Abdomen with Pregnancy
  • Transrectal Ultrasonography