Noble Diagnostic Centre has received following recognition’s and awards :

• Recognized by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for CGHS

• NABL Accredited for compliance to ISO 15189:2012.

• Dr. Renuka is Accredited by Fetal Medicine Foundation, UK for NT NB Scans

We are accredited by National Accreditation Board of Testing and Calibration Laboratories as per compliance to International Standards ISO 15189:2012.

NABL Accreditation means:

• It is the highest level of accreditation for laboratories in India.

• It follows ISO 15189: 2012 and is connected to International Laboratory Accreditation Council via Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Council.

• ISO 15189 is the specific International Standards for Medical Testing Laboratories.

• Out of estimated 1,50,000 labs in India, only around 500 labs have been able to get this accreditation so far, that means only 3% labs are able to make it to NABL Accreditation.

Features of a NABL Accredited Lab:

• External quality control: We participate in external quality control programs (AIIMS, Biorad(USA) etc) to ensure the quality of results given by our equipment’s.

• Internal quality control: daily morning evening 3 level controls are carried out to future ensure the quality.

• Interfacing: Interfacing is done between our equipment’s and LIS to avoid any typing mistakes.

• HR: Our doctors and staff (technical and non technical) are well trained and assessed to do the assigned task and undergo regular internal as well as external training.

• Quality Audits: We undergo regular internal quality audits (twice a year) to check our adherence to ISO 15189 standards and are also annually audited by NABL Team for our conformance to ISO 15189 standards.

• NABL Audit is conducted over 2 days by a team of 4-5 assessors from various hospitals, labs and medical colleges in India.

• Confidentiality: We are our staff take a written oath to maintain confidentiality of your test results.

All this and much more enables us to bring you the best quality results but it do cost us financially but no cost is too much for quality.

How is NABL ISO 15189:2012 different from ISO 9001?

A lot of centers and labs have just ISO 9001:2007 certification. ISO 9001is a certification of management and administrative procedures and does not entail technical competence as it addresses almost all activities and industries. It does not certify or check technical competence. ISO 15189 is International Standards for Medical testing Laboratories hence, having ISO 15189 means, we are technically certified for our quality.